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We offer around the clock support that you can count on. Ridgeline Plumbing provides top of the line plumbing services, and round-the-clock support that you can count on. Whether it’s a small leak, water heater exchange or repair, or just general maintenance, we take care of all types of plumbing needs for residential and commercial establishments.

Tom Austin

Client Testimonials

We were lucky to find Tom Austin of Ridgeline Plumbing when we were finishing our basement last year and this guy impressed me the most of all the plumbers that came to bid on our bathroom. He really thinks things through and doesn't have any surprises when finished. Tom also completed a bathroom for us at our new business in Ft. Collins. He even went out of his way and offered to help me install some large pieces of equipment at the business...for free! He's a man you can trust and feel you won't be taken for a ride with his rates or his work. Tom's a GREAT plumber and we consider him a good friend now!

- Fred -

A very satisifed customer ! Tom installed a laundry tub, kitchen sink faucet, repaired leaking toilets, and solved other plumbing problems we had. Excellent work, I would highly recommend him for any project !

- Jeffrey -